Tuesday, 26 June 2012

EOI for feasibility study on dry port in Dar, Tanzania

The Tanzania Ports Authority has floated an EOI, expression of interest, for a feasibility study on the development of  a dry port at Kisarawe. The consultancy’s objective is to determine the viability of developing the dry port under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.

This is a multi-discipline consultancy whose deliverables include; economic and financial analyses, environmental and social impact assessments and detailed engineering designs and cost-estimates.

According to an advertisement in PPP infra world, the scope of the services will include but not limited to the following activities:

i) To conduct a comprehensive land use survey (Cadastral survey in Kisarawe District

ii) To conduct a detailed feasibility study that examines the economic, financial and technical rationale for developing a Cargo Freight station in Kisarawe District

iii) To prepare viable outline designs for the dry port, road and rail accesses and provide all Front – end Engineering and Design, cost estimates and drawings

iv) To conduct a preliminary EIA and Social Impact Assessment and develop mitigation measures

v) To identify and analyze potential risks, impacts the likelihood of occurrence and the possible mitigation measures for the recommended PPP options.

A pre-feasibility has concluded that Kisarawe district, to the South West of the port of Dar-Es-Salaam is an ideal location of the dry port. The dry port is expected to ease congestion at the port of Dar-Es-salaam, the largest port inn Tanzania. 

The port of ar-Es-salaam  has a capacity of 4.1 Million tons of dry cargo and 6 million tons of bulk cargo a year.  However, it has come under increased pressure due to increase in demand for imports in Tanzania and also in the neighbouring land locked countries. The dry port will handle bulk cargo and cars landed at the Port.   

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