Research: Destination Kenya

 Kenya is the economic hub of East African Common Market block(EACM). The bloc boast of an estimated 120 million with a per capita income estimated at US$800. Kenya's per capita GDP is estimated at US$1800 as at 2012. Her GDP estimated at US$41,84 bn is the largest in the EAC. Kenya is also a Member of the free trade area known as COMESA, the common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.Both COMESA and EACM are slated to combine by 2017 building a huge market of 650 million people with a per capita income estimated at US$700.
Being the hub of Economic activity in the region, Kenya is the place to be for any investor planning to enter the highly profitable market bloc. The region has enjoyed a robust economic growth  in the last decade averaging 5.6 per cent . To read more Go to

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