Monday, 27 February 2012

Lamu Port's Construction begins Friday

 Kenya’s town of Lamu will this Friday March 2, 2012 be thrown into a lime light of gargantuan proportions. It will play host to three presidents in an event that will change Lamu forever.

The three Presidents will be there for the ground breaking ceremony to mark the beginning on the construction of Lamu Port. The second seaport in Kenya, Lamu is also the head port in the Lamu-South Sudan Ethiopia transport Corridor.

Consequently the presidents of South Sudan, Salva Kiir and Ethiopian PM, Meles Zenawi will witness the groundbreaking ceremony by the Kenya President, Mwai Kibaki.   The Kenya government is said to have set aside US$2.5 billion for the construction of 3 of the 32 bays. See

South Sudan plans to build a US$4 billion Oil Pipeline from its wells 2000 KM away to Lamu Port. Ethiopia is also looking at Lamu as the shortest export route for her. What’s more the construction of the port could motivate the construction of the trans-Africa Railway line between Lamu in the Indian Ocean coast and Port of Doula in Cameroon on the Atlantic Ocean.

The visit is therefore a significant one for a town only known for cultural tourism and donkey racing during Maulid celebrations. Lamu is not just another seaport. It is a series of projects linking Africa to the world. Not only that, it will also open Kenya’s God forsaken Northern frontier for economic exploitation. Africa had better sit up and take 

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